Weekend by the Beach



Weekend is here!! So what is your way of ending a tiring mundane week? Walk with the nature, and you will receive more than you seek. Hit the shoreline, feel the humid air, soak your feet in the pristine water. If you are in Oman (Middle East) here is how you can welcome the winter.

We planned a weekend jaunt. Our destination was Wadi Shab. Clear sky, sunlit radiant Oman morning and no traffic made it a perfect day for travel. As we drove on route 17, about 150km from city on the Muscat – Sur road near Bimmah, a mesmerizing beach view caught my sight. The spectacular view of the beach with shades of blue, the swash of the tides rolling and crashing the rock boundary, along the shore line changed our plans. Only a few seconds later, we took the next exit to reach the spot. It was Bimmah Pebble beach.

beach      IMG_7592

                    PEBBLE BEACH – BIMMAH

As I stepped down the car and started walking towards the beach, the shoreline seemed infinite. Moving closer I was elated to see the bed covered with coral shingles and pebbles. The geographical features and the higher wave energy have led to this deposition. The mollusc shells, and the pebbles polished and patterned veins due the contact of waves were a treat to the eyes. The sparkling water and low tides will compel you for a stroll. This is one of the least crowded, unadorned beaches close to Muscat. There were cars parked at distances, tents and fishing rods too were visible. Boys decided on a wonderful spot and set a tent in no time. It was an average height cliff, with the waves pounding at its edges. It was fun getting down to the water and while climbing up back to the tent we picked the broken pieces of wood thrown here and there, made a small fireplace and there began our barbeque. There was great music, game of cards, delicious food and then was the nap time.



If it is your first time by the sea, you will be jolting awake from sleep every time the wave hammers against the rocks. The silent waves on the lap of the shore had turned ferocious in the night. I was up the whole night, gazing at the crescent moon and a twinkling star on its side. I witnessed a train of camels pass by. Just when the eye lids got heavy and tried to shut the sky brightened. Everyone was up to enjoy the sunrise. The tides retreated, as if they never made it till the rockline. It was calm. Sky blushed with the orange hues of rays, just picture perfect!!



Whether you have recently moved in or been here since years, if you are person who describes your outing locations with the words like serene and solitude, this place must be on your list. If you are adventurous you could snorkel or swim. Else, you could simply lay low on the pebble bed, relax with the company of your favourite novel. This is definitely a photographer’s abode. For the travellers planning to cover many places on the same day, you could combine the visit with Bimmah sink hole and Wadi Shab. Wishing to return soon, we left the beach having a good weekend and all rejuvenated.

Images – Dilip Raj                                                   Editing – Akash MV


Travel plan:
Route: Muscat – Sur expressway (Route 17)
This is about 150km from Muscat. You could also plan to cover Qurriyat dam, Bimmah sink hole and Wadi Shab on the way.

Amenities around:
The closest eatery would be the restaurants at Tiwi, closer to Wadi shab. You could use the restrooms at Bimmah sink hole or at the petrol station closeby.

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